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Export News 02-23-2012 U.S. Beef Export Growth

Humanity’s water footprint: US exports the most, uses the most per capita
Ars Technica
That means there’s no economic brake that slows exports when unsustainable water use becomes problematic. The US is also the largest importer, but this only offsets 75 percent of exports, leaving the United States with one of the largest virtual water
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Ars Technica

USDA projects further growth in beef exports
In its quarterly Agricultural Trade Outlook report, the USDA projects US 2012 beef exports will increase in value and volume compared with 2011. The agency projects overall ag exports for fiscal 2012 at $131 billion, down $1 billion from the November
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Houston helps drive US exports to record $1.48 trillion
Houston Business Journal
A $43 billion increase in exports from Texas helped drive a $202 billion increase in US merchandise exports, the International Trade Administration said Thursday. US exports reached a record $1.48 trillion from 2010 to 2011, the ITA reported.
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