ATA Carnet Welcomes Brazil

July 26 2016
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Brazil Now Accepts Carnets!

The ATA Carnet system has now accepted the third country from Latin America, Brazil, to allow carnets to be issued. The other two countries are Mexico and Chile. Brazil is the 75th country to accept ATA Carnets. This news is just in time for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. ATA Carnets will now allow vendors to import goods duty and tax free into Brazil.


Brazil Carnets


If you do not know what an ATA Carnet is, it is commonly known as a “Merchandise Passport”. ATA Carnets serve as international customs documents that allow goods intended to be temporarily shipped into a country, to be processed duty free and tax free while

Brazil Carnet, ATA Carnet, Brazil, Rio 2016, Rio Olympics, Olympics 2016, Olympics Carnet, Carnet to Brazil, Brazil Carnet

concurrently simplifying standard customs entry procedures.

Carnets accept virtually all types of goods, both cargo shipped and hand carried, as long as they fit into one of three main categories:


  • Commercial Samples include items that can be used by a sales representative with the purpose of demonstrating a product or enticing sales. These items can include laptops, apparel, jewelry, art, or even robots!
  • Professional Equipment, or “tools of the trade”, includes items required to perform one’s work. This consists of medical equipment, musical instruments, scientific equipment, electrical equipment, construction materials and even special purpose aircraft. This category also includes materials needed to maintain, test or service equipment.
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows Items include booths, signs and video equipment to be used at events such as trade fairs, meetings, conventions, theatrical performances, and athletic or sporting competitions.


*It is important to note that carnets do not cover explosives, perishables items, postal traffic or items that are intended to be left behind. These can include goods such as food or brochures.


In addition to covering a wide variety of goods, ATA Carnets significantly reduce typical costs and burdens associated with normal customs procedures by eliminating payments associated to duties, taxes and temporary importation bonds – ultimately reducing the cost to the exporter.

Brazil Carnet, ATA Carnet, Brazil, Rio 2016, Rio Olympics, Olympics 2016, Olympics Carnet, Carnet to Brazil, Brazil Carnet


ATA Carnets also facilitate international business by replacing extensive customs documentation with one application and lessening paperwork for both customs officials and ATA Carnet holders. The ATA Carnet application can be used for an unlimited number of trips for up to one year in those countries that accept the use of carnets. Simplifying the process even further, carnets do not require that all merchandise listed on the General list be shipped on each trip, so items can be split up for easy entry and re-entry of goods.


Obtaining a Carnet is quick and easy, and as an official Carnet Distribution Center of Carnets, Packair continues to be proactive in providing updated information regarding Carnets. For more information about Carnets, please view Packair’s Guide to Obtaining a Carnet Packair provides a full range of Carnet services as well as bonds, carnet insurance and carnet cargo insurance, and they can easily be obtained by filling out this form or calling (310) 337-9993!



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