DG Shipping – Dangerous Goods Transport

October 19 2011
DG shipping Dangerous Goods Shipments

DG Shipping

When it comes to dg shipping it is always in your best interest to enlist the help of your friendly neighborhood freight forwarder whether you are shipping domestically or abroad. This is never more applicable than when hazardous substances are involved.




As an experienced logistics company, Packair can assist you with classification for your DG shipping.

dg shipping

From lithium batteries to paint to contents under pressure, many things we use in everyday life are dangerous goods when it comes time to transport them. Also known as Hazardous Materials (Hazmat), these goods come in all shapes and sizes and Packair can help you identify them properly in order to save time, money and possibly even lives.

Dangerous Goods include:

Class 1: Explosives, munitions, blank ammunition, fireworks, gun powder, rockets, TNT: Anything that has a propensity to explode.


Class 2: Non-Flammable and Flammable Gases, inflated tires, aerosols, refrigerants and some insecticides: Contents under Pressure (Hairspray, adhesives and shaving cream).


Class 3: Flammable Liquids, gasoline, paint, butane, ethanol, ketones: many common or everyday items like perfumes, nail polish, polish remover and lighter fluid.


Class 4: Flammable Solids: Matches, Sulphur, Spontaneously Combustible Powders and items that are dangerous when wet: Fuel Cell Cartridges of all types.


Class 5: Oxidizers: Sodium and Nitrogen Solutions, Peroxides.


Class 6: Toxic Substances: Medical Waste, Pesticides, Dyes and Poisons.


Class 7: Radioactive Materials.


Class 8: Corrosives: Acid, Chloride Solutions, some Fluoride Solutions.


Class 9: Miscellaneous Items: Magnetized Materials (speakers), Dry Ice, Internal Combustion Engines (automobiles).

Contact your Packair Representative today and put your mind at ease. Packair will take the risk out of your dangerous goods shipment.





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