Import News Updates 11-14-2011

Obama’s Policies Make China Stronger And The US Weaker
A rise in the value of the yuan relative to the dollar is supposed to make Chinese imports more expensive, and US exports to China less expensive, thereby reducing Chinese imports and increasing US exports. The problem is this theory has failed
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Import deal opens green markets
Adelaide Now
Earlier, it was partner Tim Mathieson’s turn to look goofy, as he gestured to his opposite number, US First Lady Michelle Obama, that he was closer to her height now that he had donned his heels. Ms Gillard said the decision to slash import tariffs
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S Korea Oct Import Prices Rise At Fastest Pace In 6 Months
SEOUL -(Dow Jones)- South Korea’s import prices rose at their fastest pace in six months in October compared with a year earlier, due to higher oil prices and weakness in the value of the won versus the US dollar, the Bank of Korea said Tuesday.
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Free Trade for Panama, US
NuWire Investor
Looking to start an import-export business? If you plan on trading between Panama and the US, the situation is looking more favorable than ever. Considering the fact that Panama is one of the region’s highest ranked import-export markets,
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Canada-China trade diversifying beyond commodities
Vancouver Sun
China expects to import that much again – $8 trillion US – within the next five years, he said. The growth will be in the variety of products imported as well as the volumes, he said. “There will be at least $1 trillion US in imports every year.
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