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Each year In Los Angeles, CA – there is a production event called Cinegear, everyone in the industry meets and showcases their services or products. Make Sure to pass by our booth 54 so that we can meet in person!
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Packair President Sussan Sharifian Joins the LA Biomed Board

By: Packair | June 13, 2013
The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center has proudly announced three new names to its board of directors. Among these three new board members, seeing the name Sussan Sharifian attracted the eye because of her well-known reputation as president of Packair Airfreight, Inc. – one of Hollywood’s leading freight forwarding companies for many studios and film projects.

Sussan owns and manages her freight forwarding company, Packair from LAX – portal to the west coast. Packair has been extremely successful in transporting items for a multitude of Hollywood’s most featured films worldwide for a number of decades. Since her presidency in 2006, Packair has achieved unprecedented growth in numbers of film projects and a major development of various business clienteles, and is still growing more and more.
So what does Sharifian bring to the table at LA Biomed? Exactly what all the board members should bring – diversity, success, and a heart to serve our local communities. The LA Biomed board consists of members from different cultures and from all walks of life, teaming together to initiate the raising of funds in order to support the research projects and vision of the institute. With a track record of success, CEO David I. Meyer and his new board members will help lead this nonprofit research institute to new horizons, helping the masses find new hope for discoveries and cures, and perpetuating a legacy of life, hope, and service to the community for yet another generation.




Packair Goes to the Cine Gear 2013 Expo

Packair is going to the Cine Gear exposition at the Studios at Paramount in Hollywood, CA. Cine Gear is the leading exposition of the Film and Digital Media industry today. Along with displays, Cine Gear holds various presentations and seminars, updating Film professionals with newly discovered tools and networking opportunities that may strengthen their overall Film product, adding even more spectacular effects that spark the eye.

Packair’s involvement in the Cine Gear Expo 2013 is to perpetuate their business of moving equipment and entire Film sets anywhere around the world.

Specializing in transportation, Packair prides itself on the many film projects they have been a part of, moving everything from celebrity clothing, to massive tanks for war movies.


With the current global security issues, Packair has equipped itself with licenses and strong global partnerships, helping to move items anywhere in the world in a timely matter to meet the deadlines of all sorts of filming schedules. With over 40 years of experience,

Packair is known as one of the film industry’s leading freight forwarders, and has been involved in hundreds of Hollywood’s most featured films in the last few decades. Transporting equipment, props, and movie sets require screenings, licenses, passport type permits called “carnets”, among many other requirements.

Packair guarantees the ability to foresee all these filings and needed arrangements on a global perspective, moving your items across many borders to get to the place they need to be.
If you are in town this weekend, please visit the Packair booth #S336 to see the many things we specialize in. Packair is indeed a prominent leader in transporting any merchandise across the world, helping it to get there on time, every time!


WARNING: Air cargo is subject to TSA mandated screening. All cargo is subject to the security procedures as required by TSA and C-TPAT. In accordance with TSA requirements, Shipper consents to search and inspection of all cargo. Please be sure you inform your Packair agent of any restricted/hazardous cargo that may require special handling as per IATA and or ICAO regulations. Liability limitations are clearly stated on the hard copy of your invoice/waybill and will be faxed to you upon request.

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