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A-Z LAX Cargo Shipping Services – Why Packair is the Best LAX Cargo Company

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Packair offers A-Z LAX Cargo Shipping Services. As the top Los Angeles LAX Cargo Company, Packair offers services beyond just LAX Luggage Shipping and LAX Cargo Shipping, fill out this form today! To see more of Packair’s service offering, go here. 




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How Packair’s LAX Luggage Shipping Works?

LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping

Book Online or Call us

Simply Select Your Destination Shipping Date. Type of Luggage and Service Type.


LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping

Receive Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels and Documents are Delivery by Express Mail and Email.


LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping

We Pickup or You Drop off

We Pickup at the Time of Your Request or You Drop-off at any Location Worldwide.


LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping

Delivery at Schedule Time

Door-to-Door Delivery; We Deliver to any Place in the USA and 220 Countries.


Shipping Luggage is Convenient, Secure, and Reliable

Luggage Forward’s door-to-door luggage shipping service is easy, safe and guaranteed to arrive on time. You can breeze through the airport when you ship luggage to your hotel, cruise line, golf course, residence or office where it will be awaiting your arrival. Luggage shipping provides total travel convenience.


Luggage Shipping Benefits

LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping


Pack as much as you want and choose from up to five shipping speeds.


LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping


Our low rates save you up to 50% compared to other shippers.


LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping


Door-to-door service eliminates the hassle of carrying and checking bags.


LAX Cargo Shipping, LAX Luggage Shipping


Every bag is guaranteed to arrive on time, or you get a refund plus $500!




LAX Cargo Shipping Services:


  • Air Import Freight
  • Air Export Freight
  • Next Day Delivery
  • 2-Day Air Freight
  • 3-Day Air Transport
  • Next Flight Out
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Hi-Value Storage
  • Same Day Pickup
  • Same Day Delivery






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