Security Verification

Supply Chain Security Verification

Packair, as a member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), have committed ourselves to implementing security procedures throughout our Supply Chain.

You are listed as our partner in the supply chain, facilitating movement of cargo to the U.S. We require all of our supply chain partners to follow our minimum security standards as a part of your everyday partnership responsibilities to secure commerce and prevent cargo loss and cargo tampering including the introduction of illegal merchandise such as drugs and weapons of mass destruction into our cargo boxes and containers.

We ask you to provide information if your company participates in any foreign based security initiatives such as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO). Please confirm your participation in a foreign security initiative program meeting your requirement to satisfy cooperation in our supply chain security. Please provide us the name of the organization that you belong to and the related certification number.

If you are a member of C-TPAT, please forward your SVI number.

If you’re not member of any supply chain security programs, please review the “Business Partner Minimum Security Requirement” form, sign and return it as an attachment to your reply to this email. This applies if you’re a Trucking Company, Freight Forwarder, Carrier, & Customs Brokers.

This verification also serves as an annual notification to update previously provided information by your business. It is important that you respond and update any information that has changed.

If you should require additional information on C-TPAT, please go to – Security

If you would like to respond by email, please email your response to [email protected]

Business Partner Partner Minimum Security Requirement form for Freight Forwarders, please click Here

For U.S. Trucking Companies, please click Here

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