Shipping Artwork

Shipping Artwork

Shipping Artwork fine art

Are you interesting in shipping artwork?


Imagine the transportation of art in the 13th and 14th century…



Artwork packed in wagons that in turn were pulled by horses through bumpy roads, off-road terrains and dangerous territories…
Artwork placed in galleys or sailboats that sailed through unsettled oceans and stormy weather… Artwork that had to be protected and hidden from thieves and invading enemies. It was not only the craft of art that were of great cultural value, but also their religious and sacred nature that made the artwork so precious. So, you can imagine the great lengths people were willing to go in order to get the great pieces of art to their respective churches or destinations.


Fast forward to today – The tradition of art transportation may no longer be a matter of life and death, but it still very close to it.



Most of this art is of great value, with artwork selling for $80 million to $200 million.


Also artwork that carries a lot of emotional weight.



Packair follows the long tradition of art transportation – we have been trusted by various museums to pack, ship, and deliver their precious artwork.


When it comes to shipping your artwork, Don’t just ship it, Packair it!



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