TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility

Packair is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility

Packair Airfreight, Inc. was one of the first Los Angeles Airport (LAX) independent Freight Forwarders to become a Licensed and Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) by the U.S. Government in conjunction with TSA.


We commenced Offering this service to our Customers back in February 2009. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a mandate that requires all cargo being transported on a Narrow Body aircraft To be screened 100 % at a piece level.


Air Cargo security is a top priority for Packair.

and the industry as a whole globally Packair management made the decision to enter the Certified Cargo Screening Facility Program to stay ahead on top of the industry by offering this value added service to our clients. This made it possible for our clients to be unaffected by the increased check-in times required by the various air carriers for “un-screened cargo” to be tendered much sooner than cargo the is being handled by a Certified Cargo Screening Indirect air carrier such as Packair Airfreight, inc.


Our staff of professionals integrated the Certified Cargo Screening facility operation into our vast Value added services Packair Airfreight can offer for your Transportation requirements





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