White Glove Service

Packair Introduces The White Glove Service


We Pack, Ship, and Deliver your valuables safely

Dust, dirt, smudges, scratches, and fingerprints… There are some things in life we could do without, and these are just a few of them. There are some items that we “need” to be kept clean, like garments, instruments, expensive electronics, among many other things. Have you ever seen a wedding dress with a wheel print from a forklift? Have you ever seen an $80,000 film camera covered in warehouse dust and debris? Well, let’s hope not. But indeed, it is entirely possible.

Packair is offering help with shipping needs where items are required to be kept as clean as possible, offering the White Glove Service.

Packair has professional staff that will come into your studio or even your homes and package anything and transport it, whilst locking it away from the dust and the ocean mist, guaranteeing its arrival in smudge-free condition. Running a studio in the film industry? Packair can package all of your instruments and build crates and loading equipment that could assist in the moving of your merchandise, getting it to where it needs to be without clumps or crumbs of anything on it.

Packair is a highly entrusted freight forwarder in many of the local industries, whose range of shipments span from general commodities to delicate or fragile items, via air, ocean, and rail. Packair is offering a cost-effective way to move just about anything you want to any part of the globe in the cleanest way possible. With over 40 years of professional experience, Packair Airfreight, Inc. and our White Glove Service can help you move all of your items wrapped and shielded in order to avoid defects in your equipment. Let Packair’s White Glove Service keep your equipment clean, working correctly and efficiently when it is delivered to its destination! With Packair’s White Glove Service, you can instantly focus your time on filming the scene instead of having to re-clean!

Packair’s White Glove Service – getting your items from place to place, without a single strip of dirt! Offering cost-effective services to the Los Angeles area…

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