Immediately after 9/11 there’s not much we wouldn’t have done or tried or subjected ourselves to just to feel safe again. But as time passed many wild attempts were made trying to find ways to take on the overwhelming task of learning how to “think security”.

We are in an industry that has learned the hard way just how vulnerable we are, yet making great strides towards securing our ports, borders and means of transport. It’s been difficult for the cargo industry, as what is considered “business as usual” has had to undergo some major changes.

So how can you find some measure of assurance that your freight forwarder or customs brokers are doing all they can do to keep your cargo, our country and our skies and ocean as safe as possible? I have a few suggestions . . .

The abbreviated version is, look for a company that doesn’t wait until a program is mandatory to implement it.

What questions should you be asking your freight forwarder or broker?

1.“Are you C-TPAT Certified and Validated?” (C-TPAT: Customs—Trade Partnership Against Terrorism; Packair became Certified in 2006 and Validated in 2007.)

2.“Are you a TSA CCSF?” (Certified Cargo Screening Facility—Packair was among the first to receive certification in February, 2009.)

3.“Is this company implementing security practices as if your cargo and maybe even your life depended on it?” Find out: call for an appointment for a site visit today!

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