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Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding Services

Packair is one of the top fulfillment, distribution, customs clearance, and warehouse inventory management providers for Amazon FBA Fulfillment Companies. Packair offers domestic or international cross-border e-Commerce Fulfillment services and B2B / B2C delivery solutions tailored to your exact shipping specifications. We offer staging, pick & pack prep, ASIN / SKU labeling, assembly into inner / outer cartons + labeling, palletizing + shrink wrap services for your cargo destined for Amazon DCs for Prime Sellers. We also offer these services for retail distribution by the carton or by the pallet. We offer e-commerce fulfillment services direct to consumer for Amazon Sellers and for e-commerce sites.

Low operational costs
Optimization Programs
Careful handling of valuable goods
Employers uniform standards
Minimal processing times

Whether your product is made in USA or made overseas, Packair Customs Brokers can arrange pickups from your manufacturer or filler in the U.S., or arrange the airfreight or ocean freight from overseas, customs clearance and delivery to our warehouse for staging and prep. We also offer quality control service or special projects at an hourly rate. For more information, please call us at (310) 337-9993 or fill out this form today!

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Services for e-Commerce Order Fulfillment B2B B2C

In our ever-changing mobile-first world, with rapidly growing technologies such as drones and virtual reality, there is a paradigm shift that is merging B2B and B2C sales, resulting in mutual growth and long-lasting customer relations. Wouldn’t you love to have 24/7 access to your inventory from your mobile phone or tablet? Wouldn’t you love to receive reports on metrics that matter to you? When it comes to e-Commerce order fulfillment b2b b2c, Packair has all the bells and whistles. With best in service ratings, Packair guarantees it’s signature service quality every time. For more information, please call us at (310) 337-9993 or fill out this form today!

E-Commerce Fulfillment Services Los Angeles:

Are you looking for the #1 top rated provider of Fulfillment Services Los Angeles? Look no further, Packair is here to help move your business forward. Packair’s signature service quality will protect your brand’s promise and help your business make impactful progress.Packair’s Fulfillment Services Los Angeles includes the following:

  • Expedite order fulfillment by seamlessly integrating with our CRM, Warehouse & Inventory Management Software, API or plugin
  • Perfect solution for any shopping cart, online marketplace or multi-channel brick and mortar or e-seller
  • Our experience and technology provide you with resource and cost savings so you can focus on your core business, sales, marketing, and business development
  • Packair’s A-Z capabilities enable us to eliminate delays, save you on resources, and fulfill your brand promise
  • Complete data transparency with the highest level of data security
  • On-time shipment processing and delivery, guaranteed
  • Perfect inventory accuracy
  • Customized inventory reporting tailored to your exact fulfillment and re-stocking needs
  • Crystal clear communication and quality customer support


What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

  • B2B stands for business to business
  • Businesses shipping products directly to other businesses
  • Typically higher volumes, higher quantities, or in bulk
  • B2C stands for business to consumer
  • Business shipping products directly to consumers
  • Typically in smaller volumes, smaller quantities, or individually packaged

Top 3 Tips to Grow Your e-Commerce Success

  1. Shipping:  According to Kissmetrics, 61% of customers said they abandoned a cart because shipping costs made their total more than expected, and 50% abandoned a cart because their order did not qualify for free shipping. Part of those high shipping costs are due to unexpected shipping charges, which is the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment. Packair is an affordable and reliable shipping company that monitors shipments and files the proper documents for customs clearance. Packair has beaten Amazon’s FBA fulfillment pricing and delivers a greater service. Get ready to reduce your costs, increase sales, and grow your e-Commerce success with Packair!
  2. Reduce Unnecessary Errors:  How often does your current fulfillment company ship the wrong product quantity? To the wrong delivery address? The wrong SKU? How do your returns get processed? Do you have to manually fulfill all return orders from your office? Does your fulfillment company provide seamless integration with their inventory management system? Can they provide customized and routine inventory reports tailored to your specific inventory re-stocking criteria? Packair is licensed and certified to do your A-Z shipping needs, from the transport from an origin, to import customs clearance, drayage, storage, warehousing and inventory management, custom crating, pick and packing, re-packing, trucking, air freight services, domestic and international air ocean or ground services. Being an all-in-one freight forwarder and customs broker, Packair is able to reduce your unnecessary errors, save you resources and extra costs, and allow you to focus on your core business, sales, marketing, and business development.
  3. Fulfill with an All-in-One, A-Z Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker like Packair so you can focus on your core business and let the shipping experts handle the shipping hassle:  In this day and age, where marketing and sales strategies are changing almost on a daily basis, with constant updates to sites apps and software, prioritize your staff’s paid time towards developing your core business, optimizing marketing and sales strategies, and let the shipping experts handle all of your shipping needs! Get a free quote request here today!