Importing Textiles

June 24 2013


Everyone in the exports and imports business knows that importing textiles into the U.S is not easy. Why? Because textiles have various regulations.


It is crucial that you classify them correctly.

Because you need to know the fiber amount, what to do if the product contains lining, interlining, fillings, padding, and ornamentation. You also need to know the country of origin, where the product was manufactured, the difference between various materials, amongst many other things. One of the biggest difficulties of importing textiles are all of the exceptions and for that you not only need to know the regulations but also the difference between the materials.
There is merchandise that you might feel classifies as a different item but it might actually be a textile. For example, you might think that you can classify an item as a bag; but, because it is a bag made out of a specific textile material, it actually has to go through the list of regulations that apply to textiles.

Here at Packair we have been importing textiles for over 40 years.

We are experts at textile classification and clearing, so you can trust that our Customs Brokers know textiles. Our clients include three big retailers that have stores are all over the United States and various companies that sell via catalog.
If we were allowed to name the companies, then you would know why we are experts in importing textiles. We can handle, ship, clear and deliver everything for you.

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