OOG Cargo

Out Of Gauge Cargo Services

What is Out of Gauge Cargo?

OOG Cargo is freight which is too large to fit inside one of our standard 20 ft, 40 ft or 40 ft high cube containers. Instead, this cargo can be safely transported on a platform, flat rack or in an open top container. This is why we offer the expertise and equipment to handle yours out of gauge cargo.

What is Break Bulk Cargo?

Break Bulk Cargo is freight which is too large to be transported on a single flat rack or platform. Typically, Break Bulk Cargo is loaded across multiple flat racks on the deck of a vessel and then secured for shipment.

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OOG & Break Bulk Cargo

OOG Cargo Shipments

When it comes to personalized service for OOG Cargo Shipment, Packair’s goal is to provide optimum handling of your shipment. Our expert teams personally assure the proper handling and the safety of your cargo from origin to destination. Our project managers, onboard staff, and land transportation experts respond promptly to all your inquiries. Packair’s flexible and personal service, assures our customers the best possible logistical solutions and allows us to keep up the longstanding business relationships that make our company special. When it comes to global services, Packair’s local offices and agencies allow customers to ship their cargo to any destination worldwide with optimum transit times. Packair’s container fleet is maintained to the highest standards in the business, ensuring continuous access to a large and diverse pool of proprietary equipment. The proper stowage, securing and handling of out of gauge OOG Cargo Shipment can present many challenges and issues. For professional service needs, Packair has decades of practical experience servicing B2B clientele. Packair’s specialists have the expert know-how to meet your custom shipping needs. We transport oversized cargo shipment regularly, ranging from very heavy machinery and industrial facilities to aircraft and even oil refinery heavy-equipment.

Packair’s oversized OOG Cargo Los Angeles Services

When shipping oversized out of gauge cargo with Packair, our customers benefit from a wide range of service features, including:


  • Load, lash and secure the cargo at your origin port or nearby depot
  • Inland collection and deliveries using variety of equipment
  • Arrangement of police/inland transport notifications if required
  • Stevedoring, port lashing and port storage facilities
  • Competitive rates
  • Customs clearance and documentation

Our trade service teams are extensively trained and offer destination-specific knowledge and support for oversized cargoes requiring specialist equipment such as platforms, open top containers or flat racks. Our extensive inventory of specialist equipment gives us the capability to transport large, heavy and irregular sized cargo. 

Because OOG freight can’t be shipped in normal containers using normal means of transport, special types of trucks or trailers, aircraft or flat rack containers must be utilized to move the freight. We provide all of the following options for shipping out of gauge cargo:


  • Open Top & Flat Rack Containers: If shipping large or complex items or equipment by sea, we are able to load them into a flat rack or open top containers that serve as OOG containers, as they are open on the top or sides. The items are lifted in and then covered to protect them from the elements.
  • HIAB Trucks, Winch Trucks, Flat Bed & Heavy Haul Trucking: Our trucking network allows us to provide heavy haul transport throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. We have transported oil refinery compressors and helicopters using our network of specialty heavy haul trucks.
  • Charter Flights & Cargo Planes: If you need to move irregularly shaped equipment by air, we have access to large cargo planes such as 747s or Antonovs. We can find the right charter flight that fits the requirements for your cargo and your schedule.

Why Use Packair for Your Los Angeles OOG Cargo?

  • Superior Tracking & Timing: We provide our clients with 24/7 access to the tracking of their complex shipments through our online portal so you always know where your equipment is.
  • Assistance with Documentation for Importing or Exporting: If your complicated shipment is entering or exiting the country, we can assist you with all the proper documentation to get the job done.
  • Load & Unload Services: We load and unload heavy items to and from trucks, planes, and ships, making shipment and delivery of the bulkiest equipment a breeze for your company. We utilize cranes, hiab trucks, and SPMT vehicles to get the job done.
  • Experience: Top-notch service quality, bar-none, since 1973. Packair’s service speaks for itself. We know how to ship things that others can’t or won’t, and we do it on time and within your budget. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and our team is always within your reach when you are working with us. See our case studies for example of complicated shipments and project cargo we’ve moved. 

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