Furniture Shipping

June 19 2013






We can ship your furniture

How incredible it is to travel! We learn so much when we are exposed to different environments and cultures. Even from simply walking down a street, one hears worldly languages, sees different faces and architecture, tastes a variety of foods, and experiences various social behaviors.
But amongst all the difference and strangeness one is able to see similarities

Around the world one sees laughter, love, friendship, and a global appreciation for beauty and art. This attraction to difference carries on to the store in India, China, Malaysia, Sweden or wherever you are traveling, so that when you see that piece of furniture that is so unique and beautiful, you crave it and can already envision it in the living room. Your next question that you are probably going to ask yourself is “how am I going to take this furniture home?”

Packair will take care of the logistics for you.

We are experts in the handling and transportation of furniture; we make sure that your package will arrive to its destination safely. We have been trusted by art museums to ship precious artwork. We are able to ship anything around the world in a timely manner.

When memories are not enough and you want to bring back something that reminds you of your foreign adventures, Packair will take care of shipping and delivering.


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